Now more than ever, the world needs you ONLINE!


The  Online  Wellness  Advantage

How to Evolve, Build, and Grow Your Wellness Business Online

We teach wellness professionals how to transition their in-person wellness businesses, online, so they can thrive today, tomorrow, and long into the future.

Want to know how you can maximise your wellness impact, attract more clients, protect and grow your income, and save time and energy while you do it?

  • Evolve your practice
  • Create online programs
  • Market your products and services authentically
  • Create an online presence
  • Do more of what you love
  • Generate multiple income streams
  • Help more people, globally
  • Future proof your business
  • Make a bigger wellness impact
  • Transform how you do business

The world is calling all of us to look within, reflect on where we are, and reconsider what we’ve always done…

The only way to thrive as a wellness practitioner today, is by innovating and evolving the way we work. That means, if you want to grow you have to rethink how you’ve always done wellness.

The good news is, it’s easier and less daunting than you might think.

All you have to do is follow a proven wellness business success model to evolve your practice, and before you know it you’ll establish yourself online as a leader in your wellness niche, have a global following, and more income, time, and location freedom than you’ll know what to do with.

But don’t worry, we’ll give you all the systems, strategies, and frameworks to make it work, so you don’t have to waste time and effort trying to figure it out on your own.

The Online Wellness Advantage

Learn how to evolve your practice by extracting, packaging, and promoting your expertise online, so you can share more of your wisdom, help more people, and create multiple streams of income through programs and offerings. Uncap your income and make a bigger global wellness impact during a time where it matters more than ever!

100% Online delivery. 2-days. 4 live video lessons. Take-home processes. Live support.

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Live Broadcasted Session Times (**all sessions will be recorded for later viewing**)

SESSION 1 (3 hours +15 minute break): Tues Nov 10th – 5pm New York time (Wed Nov 11th @ 9am Sydney time)

SESSION 2 (3 hours +15 minute break): Wed Nov 11th – 5pm New York time (Thur Nov 12th @ 9am Sydney time)

Live streamed on our private Facebook group and accessible for three months

You’ll learn how to:
  • Turn your passion into profit
  • Create your own online program
  • Market to your online audience in a way they become raving fans
  • Unlock your wellness niche
  • Create your intellectual property
  • Help more people and make a bigger impact
  • Leverage your wisdom into multiple income streams
  • Turn your online program into a key-note speech, events, retreats, or a best seller book
  • Reach your global tribe
  • Do more of what you love, no matter what is happening in the world

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Get cutting-edge insights from a Wellness expert, on current industry trends, and discover how people across the globe want wellness delivered today and beyond.


Meet today’s challenges head-on with confidence. Implement our step-by-step, wellness specific business model and processes, and deliver your wellness solutions in multiple ways.


Position yourself as a global wellness expert in your niche, create multiple income streams, help more people, enjoy more time and location freedom, do more of what you love, fulfill your BIG wellness mission and secure your financial future.

“Thanks so much for the most informative and easy to understand training I’ve ever done. I’m super excited to implement everything you’ve explained and I look forward to reaching the ‘next level’ in the wellness leadership revolution!”

Kitty Martini

Individualist, Writer, Producer

Have you been caught out by doing things the old way?

When the pandemic hit, many wellness practitioners were still relying on only one source of income – in-person, one-to-one sessions. Now with social distancing and lock-downs being the new “covid normal” (with no end in sight), it’s having massive repercussions on their business survival, and many aren’t making it through.

Life will always throw you unexpected curveballs. If you’re stuck in the old time-for-money business model and that’s your only income source, you’re always going to be vulnerable in situations like the one we are facing today.

Not only that, but there’s only so many hours in the day, right? You’ll only ever be able to help a limited number of people before your time runs out.

The time-for-money trap means your income is capped and your time is capped. Is doing things the old way going to give you the security, lifestyle, freedom and wellness impact you really want?

No, of course not.

Why you feel stuck…

Perhaps you want to take your business online but you’re not sure how you can serve people in the online space. And why would you be? It’s not like they taught you that in college. Changing your business model can feel like a big challenge, and if you are stuck in the time-for-money model, where on earth are you meant to find the time or energy to work ON your business rather than slogging away in it?

But the reality is, the wellness industry has been in a state of rapid change for some time. Things are different now than when you first started out.

Adapting to a new way and adjusting your offering for online success takes less effort than the energy you might be putting into fearing you can’t or don’t know how to do it.

We are here to help guide you.

EVERYTHING has changed…

With the pandemic far from over, the reality is, we have only two choices:

Adapt or Suffer

We can no longer hold onto the dream of being booked up in the traditional sense. People are being ordered to stay home and as a result clinics are closing.

The way we do business has changed, and if we are to survive, let alone thrive, we as individuals, healers and leaders need to learn new ways to innovate and adapt so that we can continue being of service.

Starting online.

A bright future lies before you

You may not realise it yet, but there is a global audience standing by (now more than ever – as many countries are swinging between lockdowns and opening), waiting for you to take a giant wellness leap into the online space. And, with a wealth of easy-to-use technology and step-by-step instructions, you can be on your way to serving them and exponential success.

Did you know there are around 1 billion Google searches every year globally, for wellness related products and services? Can you guess what people are searching for most? If you guessed self-care solutions, you’re spot on.

Online self-care is the ‘new black’ in wellness

Nowadays, people feel more empowered to take charge. Self-care is the new black, as they say. More and more, people want information, advice and resources that’ll help them take care of themselves.

It makes sense, really, because they have to take care of themselves differently to how they did before, because they can’t come and see you in person. So, they need to be able to work with you online…

Welcome to the new wellness-paradigm.

The online-wellness-paradigm where you become their trusted adviser, their trusted guide that leads them to wellness.

So rather than working with clients that are looking to you to heal them, you’re working with clients that want empowering tools, tips, education and guidance so they are empowered to heal themselves.

So much more powerful, right?

But don’t worry, the solution is simple…

“Our clients who have taken their offering online have reported being busier than ever. Whilst we’ve heard other reports from people relying solely on face-to-face business, who have felt the impact of today’s current climate.”

“When holistic practitioners are given the knowledge, a smarter business model and a step-by-step process, they feel empowered. They can realign with their purpose, unearth their magic and step up as the wellness leader they were born to be…”

-Marcus Bird, Wellness Leader

There’s one SIMPLE KEY to catapulting your success

When you can define your wisdom and create your unique intellectual property, you can turn that into multiple, scalable, and automated products and services. And, because no one else on earth shares your special magic or delivers wellness like you do, you’ll attract an A-grade tribe who resonate and see value in what you do.
“I love the ‘How to Seed A Rainforest’ formula, which has assisted me in developing clarity around my niche and pitch. Your program creates confidence!”
- Barbara Goodman, Young Living

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Ready to learn?

Here’s What We’ll Cover 

Online Program Framework

Learn how to create and package your wisdom and magic using our “Wellness Journey Framework”. Create a kick-ass online program that you can automate, so you can earn money while you leisure with your family by the pool.

Pivot Your Practice

Learn how to take your practice online and pivot your products and services in an online format. Learn how to refill, rebook and reengage your clients so you can continue to have a busy practice. Learn the ‘Care Call Scripts’ to refill your practice, the Mini Program Format to deliver relevant content so clients book in and buy so you can continue to add value, retain clients and continue to make cash.

Social Media Mastery

Once you’ve defined your niche and you know who your ‘A’ grade clients are, mastering social media is easy. We’ll show you how to make the most of it using our ‘Content Creator System’. You’ll be super efficient with your time, and be able to effortlessly deliver regular, engaging and on-point content that your growing global tribe will love.

Mindset Manifestation Formula

They say around 80 percent of success comes from having the right mindset. Using our ‘Success Equation Model’, you’ll learn three key ingredients for tuning in to your abundance frequency, attracting more of your ideal clients, rapidly growing your wellness business, and staying grounded and ready for more success.

Multiple Streams of Income

Learn how to create and use a simple marketing funnel that’ll bring you an abundance of automated leads, sales and bookings. Our ‘6-Figure Funnel System’ will allow you to leverage your offerings, automate your income streams, grow your global tribe and rapidly thrive in your business.

Brand You Assets

Learn what key brand assets you need to build your expert profile using our ‘Brand You Asset System’. Stand out from the crowd, elevate yourself above the competition and be seen as the go-to wellness leader in your niche.

Lifestyle Freedom Formula

We’ll show you how to create a business model that suits your ideal lifestyle, rather than the other way round. Learn how you CAN create a life that gives you more time, location and financial abundance, so you can help more people and create a bigger wellness impact globally.

Take-away Tools and Resources

You won’t go home empty handed. In fact, you’ll walk away from this training event inspired and fully loaded with a proven wellness business model, along with the supporting step-by-step formulas, frameworks and processes so you can change how you DO wellness right away.

24-7 Lifetime Support

Having access to a global community of like-minded wellness professionals who share a similar journey, is priceless. Our private Facebook group is a place where you can share your wins and set-backs, learn how others are doing it, get your daily dose of advice and support, ask for and be inspired by ideas when you’re stuck, feel connected, and maybe even make a life-long friend or two. Plus, we’ll post regular wellness news, insights and tips to support you on your growth journey. 


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“I found this training invaluable. It opened my awareness to the options available as a wellness practitioner. Before completing the training, I’d never even considered creating a program or moving my business from a local practice to online. The content was wonderful, so grounded and applicable, and it really helped me think about my identity as a healer. Feeling the genuine support from Marcus and the team was so inspiring. They are the real deal and I just knew I had to work with them. It’s hard to put a price on that feeling.”
- Blair Scott, Feminine Empowerment Coach and Trauma Therapist

This training is an industry game changer. Every system, process and methodology we teach has been specifically designed, developed and tested for the wellness industry, by a team of leading wellness practitioners and online wellness business experts.

The Online Wellness Advantage

How to Build and Grow Your Online Wellness Business

100% Online delivery. 2-days. 4 live video lessons. Take-home processes. Live support.

Learn how to evolve your practice by extracting, packaging, and promoting your expertise online, so you can share more of your wisdom, help more people, and create multiple streams of income through programs and offerings. Uncap your income and make a bigger global wellness impact during a time where it matters more than ever!

Purchase your event tickets for just $47AUD per person

Live Broadcasted Session Times (**all sessions will be recorded for later viewing**)

SESSION 1 (3 hours +15 minute break): Tues Nov 10th – 5pm New York time (Wed Nov 11th @ 9am Sydney time)

SESSION 2 (3 hours +15 minute break): Wed Nov 11th – 5pm New York time (Thur Nov 12th @ 9am Sydney time)

Live streamed on our private Facebook group and accessible for three months


  • Learn to Pivot Your Practice Online
  • Create an Online Program through the Wellness Journey framework
  • Master social media without the stress with the Content Creator System
  • Lifestyle Freedom Formula

  • Create Multiple Streams of Income with the Product Replicator Process
  • Master your Mind with the Mindset Manifestation Formula
  • Brand You Asset System

Tools, take-aways and resources
Downloadable worksheets, workbooks, and templates for each key lesson are yours to keep and use forever.

24-7 Support
Life-time membership to our private Facebook group.


Q: Where do I watch the sessions?
A: We will be Live Streaming these sessions into our private Facebook group (which you will be provided access to a program member). We are doing this so that it is easy to access the videos and you can watch them from any device, while also having the benefit of chatting with other members in the group during the stream. It’s all about that virtual community right now!

Q: How is this event different from other business-building trainings?
A: First of all, it’s very specific to the wellness industry, and helping you become a leader in that industry. We understand that you don’t want to be sold to, and that you don’t want to sell to others. We have formulated our training to come from the heart, with authenticity at our core – just as it’s at yours. 

Q: Can I access the training at a later date?
A: Yes! We’ll be recording all the live training sessions, then uploading them to an online membership site, which you will have access to for 3 months, so you can access them whenever you want. 

Q: Will this strategy work during COVID-19?
A: We have been teaching all the elements of this training to our top level clients for years. The strategy and roadmap we will be teaching in this training can be used during COVID-19, and after it has been resolved. In fact, those who implement this strategy now, will set themselves up for a brighter future and additional income streams post-CV.

Q: I’ve taken lots of business training – how can I be sure I’ll learn something new at yours?
A: We show you how to create your own signature intellectual property specific to the wellness industry. As far as we know, no one else on the planet is doing this right now for wellness leaders. We don’t teach normal business strategies. We teach leadership and empowering marketing strategies specific to the wellness industry, so you can have 100% conviction and confidence in your message – and so your message reaches your local and global tribe.

Q: I’ve already worked with coaches like you. How are you unique?
A: We are not coaches. We are mentors and trainers. A mentor is someone who has walked the exact same path you’re walking now and achieved a high level of success. A coach, on the other hand, does not have to have achieved results in your field or industry. This lack of sensitive wellness industry specific knowledge is perhaps one of the most common reasons most people have not achieved the results they desire.

your presenters

Hi. I’m Kimberley Banfield
As Head Mentor at Wellness Leaders, my mission is to support wellness practitioners to find and fulfil their soul purpose and make their mark in the wellness industry.
I’m an expert in creating a safe space for people to be vulnerable, to uncover, understand and unapologetically be who they are, to courageously build their business and to help them make a bigger impact on the planet.

I have over a decade’s worth of experience in the wellness industry and related fields, and have had great success as a mentor, holistic practitioner, mindset and soul purpose coach, retreat leader and intuitive advisor.

I very much look forward to welcoming you to our tribe.


Hi. I’m Marcus Bird
I’m an author, speaker and wellness futurist with over 2 decades worth of experience in the wellness industry. Having worked collectively with over 10,000 people globally, I know the business of wellness inside and out. I know what methods work, what is realistic and sustainable, and I know how to simplify systems and processes to make building and growing an online wellness business accessible, achievable and the opposite of overwhelming, for practitioners at every level.

My BIG mission is to move the world to wellness. I work towards it daily by empowering and equipping wellness practitioners, like you, with the knowledge, industry information, systems and processes, to truly make a BIG difference.
I can help you unlock your own potential and be the powerful, impactful and compelling wellness leader I know you’re capable of becoming.

I very much look forward to welcoming you to our tribe.

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